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Thoughtful approaches and creative strategies to address your specific needs and desired goals.

An unexpected crisis or traumatic event can cause us to lose faith in our ability to cope, making it impossible to imagine that “everything is going to be ok”. There are times when we reach our breaking point, realizing that all those little things do matter and are causing us stress. And, of course, there are the changes and shifts that we encounter throughout life that prompt us to seek advice and support in a judgment-free zone. Psychotherapy or other supportive services can be an extraordinary opportunity to address symptoms or issues that are having a negative impact on behavior, emotional state, mental health, and/or physiological functioning.

Mindful Solutions Mental Health & Support Services (referred to as “Mindful Solutions”) is a private practice aimed at providing services to individuals, couples, families, and groups.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I utilize a variety of evidence-based approaches and interventions coupled with my unique style to provide professional and personalized services. I believe in a collaborative relationship with clients as a means of identifying the best treatment plan to accommodate your needs and desired outcomes. I am passionate about this work and believe in its effectiveness. You will find this private practice to be a comfortable, safe, and non-judgmental environment committed to a high standard of care and a client-centered atmosphere.

Individuals, couples, families and groups of all ages and compositions are welcomed. Services are available in English and Spanish with flexible hours, including evenings/weekends. I always suggest a brief initial consultation to discuss basic information regarding your needs, the therapeutic process, and other housekeeping items. I see clients with very diverse chronic and acute issues, and specialize in crisis intervention, conflict resolution, intimacy/relationship issues, stress management, and trauma-based work. I hope that you find my genuine personality, empathic nature, honesty, and humor as assets to the therapeutic process, as I have found them to be unique qualities that set me apart as a therapist.

Services & Practice

Consultation & Supervision: Mindful Solutions offers individual and group consultation/supervision to clinical and non-clinical professionals working in the mental health and social service industries. These services provide professional advocacy, counseling, and mentoring with opportunities for education, training, networking, and overall career development and support.

7365 Carnelian St. Ste. 217, Rancho Cucamonga / (909) 831-4891

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, (map) Mindful Solutions serves the West End region of the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. This private practice brings close to 20 years of experience in mental health and support services to an area with identified service gaps. Although Mindful Solutions welcomes all clients expressing an interest in services, its targeted consumers are those experiencing acute issues or symptoms, Spanish speakers, and professionals working in mental health and social service industries. Existing and prospective clients will be offered an empathic, high-quality, and professional therapeutic experience aimed at achieving desired goals.


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About the Therapist

“I hope you find my genuine personality, empathic nature, honesty, and humor as assets to the therapeutic process, as I have found that these unique qualities set me apart as a therapist”.

Lorena L. Ybanez, LCSW Psychotherapist

As the primary practitioner and owner, Lorena L. Ybanez, LCSW is bilingual/bicultural, locally raised, and has close to 20 years of experience working in mental health and social service agencies/organizations. Receiving dual degrees in psychology and legal studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Ms. Ybanez began her career in social services working as an intern for various local non-profit organizations. Establishing herself as a capable young professional in the Central Coast, she held positions with prominent child welfare and women’s health organizations. Prior to receiving her master’s degree, she spent several years servicing the HIV/AIDS community in the Inland Empire. Receiving a masters degree in social work from Boston College, Ms. Ybanez spent close to seven years In Boston, MA working with individuals, couples, families, and groups at a full-service community health center and a well established mental health/social service agency. Upon her return to the Inland Empire in 2012, Ms. Ybanez began efforts to build a private practice, and continues to expand her skill set with regular education and training.

Ms. Ybanez is experienced and skilled in working within different modalities, utilizing various  theoretical frameworks. Although each client is unique and deserves an approach that is appropriate to his/her presenting issue, Ms. Ybanez works within a strengths-based philosophy that respects a client’s desire for immediate symptom reduction using his/her own resources and personal agency. Ms. Ybanez is highly skilled in conflict resolution, crisis intervention, intimacy/relationship issues, family/group dynamics, and trauma work.

Throughout her career, Ms. Ybanez has had the opportunity to provide consultation/supervision to clinical/non-clinical staff and students of respective and partnering agencies/organizations. Her passion for clinical group work coupled with years of consultation/supervision experience provide the foundation for an insightful, informed, and valuable professional service for mental health and social service providers.